Gene Mutations Disrupt Pregnancy

Gene mutation potentially caused disruption of preeclampsia in pregnant women, in addition to other causes. The disorder can lead to death. To prevent preemklasi, pregnant women are encouraged to increase the intake of vitamin B6 up to five times the normal requirement.

It was announced Wawang Setiawan Sukarya while defending his dissertation "The Role of cystathionine ß gene polymorphisms T833C/844INS68 Synthase (CBS) on Plasma hyperhomocysteinemia on the Pregnant Woman Ethnicity Deuteromelayu and Childbirth Accompanied Preeclampsia Weight" in open court doctoral program in Epidemiology Science Program School of Public Health University of Indonesia, Tuesday (2/7), in Depok.

Preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and swelling of a body part. If not addressed, the disorder can be turned into eclampsia which is characterized by seizures and can lead to death.

Household Health Survey 2001, 24 per cent of maternal deaths in Indonesia due to eclampsia. The incidence of preeclampsia in Indonesia from 3.4 to 8.6 percent of total pregnant women.

Until now, the cause of preeclampsia is not yet certain. However, almost all experts agree that disorders associated with vascular spasm.

In his research, Wawang found a link between a gene mutation cystathionine ß Synthase (CBS) and preeclampsia. CBS gene mutations lead to increased substance homocysteine ​​(a sulfur-containing amino acids) in the blood.

"Homocysteine ​​is toxic. When a substance is increased, endothelial (flat cells lining the surface) of blood vessels can be damaged, "said Wawang, an obstetrician who is also the Chairman of the Education Division of the Indonesian Medical Council.

Wawang states, research only includes women from the group consisting of Deuteromelayu Javanese, Malay, Minangkabau, Aceh, Bali, Makassar, and Manado. Of 45 pregnant women with preeclampsia disorders studied, only one person (2.22 per cent) who had mutations in the CBS gene.

Vitamin B

In addition to the CBS gene mutation, causes hiperhomosistein is cofactor deficiency of folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6, as well as metilentetrahidrofolat reductase gene mutation.

For early detection of preeclampsia that can be prevented heavy disease, Wawang suggested that women with a gestational age of more than 20 weeks of checks levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood. "Homocysteine ​​examination fee is quite expensive, around Rp 400,000," he said.

To reduce the risk of preeclampsia, pregnant women are advised to take vitamin B6 with five times the amount of normal needs, ie 2.2 milligrams per day. Sources of vitamin B6 include eggs, spinach, carrots, meat, fish, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ.

In addition, it is also advisable to consume more vitamin B12 and folic acid. Sources of vitamin B12 shellfish, fish, crab, liver, beef, lamb, cheese, eggs. Sources of folic acid beans, green vegetables, corn, potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes, avocados, oranges.

Wawang passed with very satisfactory graduated with a value of 3.75.

According to Professor of Faculty of Public Health who is also the promoter Bambang Sutrisna Wawang, consumption of vitamin B6 to fivefold harmless because it could get out through urine. As kopromotor F Word is Wirakusumah and Ratna Djuwita. (K02)