Eating Two Times a Day More suitable for diabetics?

Meal arrangements are actually more important to form a slim and healthy body. Some argue, should ideally eat frequently, but in small portions. While others claim, no dinner is the best way to lose weight.

Recent opinion as evidenced in a study says that people who eat only two meals a day faster than slimmer people who eat more frequently, even in the same amount of calories.

The research results presented at the American Diabetes Association 73rd Scientific Sessions. This research involves participants who suffer from type two diabetes. They were asked to undergo two methods of diet for 12 weeks.

One group ate 6 times which consists of three large meals and three small meals each day. While the other group ate only 2 big meals a day, consisting of breakfast and lunch.

Both groups were fed with the amount of calories and nutrients the same. As a result, those who eat 2 meals a day has decreased BMI three times as much.

According to lead researcher Hannah Kehleova, MD. PhD of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, when we reduce the intake of calories, your metabolism slows.

In this study, when they eat only two meals a day, your metabolism does not go down because their body work harder to digest a big meal.

However, Kahleova warned, the respondents in this research are people who suffer from diabetes mellitus diet so the method is not suitable for everyone.

In fact, experts believe, however diet twice in a large portion of it can make the body fat faster. When we mengasup calories in a large portion, the body will store the excess calories as a fat and not burned as energy.

Previous studies have also shown that eating regularly throughout the day will help keep your blood sugar stable and keep your appetite under control.

Kahleova also explained, eat two meals a day not appropriate strategies to lose weight in the long term. "You should eat a bit heavy at breakfast and lunch, but dinner in small portions," he said.

What about cravings? Listen to your body to recognize whether it is more suitable to eat small meals six times a day or twice only. Then, choose snacks that are high in fiber and low in calories so insatiable cravings, but not too add calories.