Depression Increase Stroke Patients's Risk of Death

Depression actually have adverse effects to people's health, it can even worsen the condition of patients with stroke. A study shows that the risk of death in stroke patients will increase 3 times when he was depressed.

Scientists from the University of Southern California and Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Centre in Los Angeles conducted a study involving 10 550 participants with ages ranging from 25 to 74 years.

Of these, about 73 people had a stroke and did not develop depression. Around 48 people have a stroke and developed depression, 2291 people did not have a stroke but developing depression, while the remaining 8138 did not have a stroke or depression.

The results showed that one in three people who are depressed, have a risk of developing a stroke, too. Similar relationships also occur in people with stroke who are depressed over the condition.

Even the researchers found that stroke patients who are depressed are three times more likely to face an early death than stroke patients who were not depressed. This is caused by psychological disorders may worsen stroke.

"This should be a concern families of patients who have a stroke if the patient is also floating the symptoms of depression such as sadness protracted and can not enjoy life as usual before he got sick," said Amytis Towfighi, author of the study, as reported health.india , Monday (01/14/2013).

Instantly manage symptoms of stress and depression as well as provide support to stroke patients, patients are expected to be protected from depression and to avoid premature death. Stroke is not the end of everything, because it is still curable though not perfect and still leave residual disability.

Mild stroke can be overcome by physical therapy, changing lifestyle, eating healthier foods and manage stress. It can provide new hope for stroke patients to recover, and enjoy life again.