Choosing Carefully Diet Drinks

Weight loss efforts we are doing seems increasingly facilitated by food manufacturers. Now a lot of food and beverages with low-calorie writing, low-fat, sugar-free, calorie or zero.

But behind the comfort of food and diet drinks are apparently hidden dangers. A paper published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism mention, artificial sweeteners in diet drinks have a negative impact on the body's metabolism.

Artificial sweeteners in diet products are mentioned not only have adverse effects on the body as well as lower intake of regular soda, but also has implications for the long-term health.

Lead researcher Susan Swithers of Purdue University, explains that the adverse effects of artificial sweeteners is only seen in people who are not healthy or eating lots of diet soda drinks.

Even so, Swithers and his team found that artificial sweeteners affect the way the brain and body react differently when they taste something sweet.

"When the body normally responds to sugar, a signal is sent arise after the intake of sugar and calories so that the body secretes a hormone that is needed. Hormones prevent blood sugar spikes and effect on satiety," he said.

But when people eat something sweet, but not introduced as real sugar in the blood, hormone release response to no.

"What happens when we consume artificial sweeteners is that we get a sweet taste but no calories and no sugar. Bodies will delay the release of hormones. Response in the long run this could be lost," he said.

The absence of such a response can make a person overeating and increased blood sugar. In the long term can increase the risk of diabetes mellitus.

Even so Swithers explain that further research is needed to discern the connection.

Responding to the hypothesis, the representative association of American drinks, said that low-calorie sweeteners have been researched and proven to be safe.

"The scientific research for more than a decade has proved this and food and drug regulatory agencies around the world have accepted it," he said.