Carcinoid Tumors

Carcinoid tumors are cancers that grow slowly in some parts of the body. Carcinoid tumors are a group of tumors arising kromafin cells in the gastrointestinal tract and other organs.

Carcinoid tumors rarely cause signs and symptoms early. Carcinoid tumors can produce and release hormones into the body that causes signs and symptoms such as diarrhea or sweating.


In many cases of carcinoid tumors do not cause signs and symptoms apapun.Ketika this happens, signs and symptoms are usually vague and based on the place of the tumor. Signs and symptoms of carcinoid tumors include:

• Pain in the abdominal area

• bowel disorders

• Change in bowel movements

• Pain in the chest

• Difficulty breathing

• Bleeding through the anus

• Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) are repeated

• Redness or a feeling of warmth in the face and neck (sweating)

Causes & Risk Factors


Carcinoid tumor begins when normal cells have mutations in DNA. This mutation causes the cells to grow in an uncontrolled and alive when other cells die. This accumulation is then formed tumors. Cancer cells can invade surrounding tissue and spread to other body parts.

Carcinoid tumors formed from cells in the neuroendocrine system, the body that has many functions, including producing certain hormones. These cells also have characteristics similar to nerve cells.

risk factors

Risk factors for carcinoid tumors include:

• Old age.

• Family history.

• Smoking.

• Other medical conditions. Among others, gastritis, pernicious anemia and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.