Breastfeeding Help Mother to Avoid Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is not preventable and without early detection, which is often regarded as the silent killer. But a new study has found that breastfeeding can cut a mother's risk for developing ovarian cancer by nearly two-thirds.

The conclusion was obtained after a team of researchers from Australia studied 493 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and compared them with 472 healthy participants whose age peers with cancer sufferers. Each participant was asked how many children they have and how long they breastfed each child.

As a result, participants who breastfeed their children in the past 13 months at least 63 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer than participants who only breastfeed their children for less than seven months. Even according to the same study, the effect will be even greater if the children the more participants.

The proof, the mother of three children who all own breastfed for 31 months or more reported to cut the chances of developing ovarian cancer as much as 91 percent. This condition has been compared to the condition of participants who breastfeed their children less than 10 months.

"We think that breastfeeding can help delay the ovulation process in which egg cells are released and exposed to liquids-rich ovarian estrogen and acclaimed as one of the main causes of ovarian cancer," said researcher reported as of zeenews, Tuesday