What is the Children Ideal Body Weight ?

Unlike the weight loss program in adults, in children who are overweight, reduction targets to be achieved requires a more complicated calculation. This is partly due to the height and weight of children will naturally increase with age children.

"Added mass of organs, bones, and muscles will gain weight," said Kahl dr.Grace Judio-launch of his book in his show entitled "Solutions for Kids Fat Without Stress" in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/06/2013).

Calculation of ideal weight adults, says Grace, generally using the standard body mass index (BMI), which is a calculation of body fat based on height and weight. However, the calculation of the child's weight can not use BMI alone.

Calculation of the child's weight than using BMI growth charts also requires so-called BMI-percentile charts. In addition, the graphs differ between women and men.

"In adults, we can target within a period of three months, had to be dropped (weight) so. Yet the child should be given an annual target and see the age of the child as well," he said.

It is seen clearly for successful weight loss in children is increasingly slender body but her height increases. Although her weight continues, but the child's body shape more proportional.

Grace said, things that need to be inculcated in children, the fundamental principle is to eat only when hungry. Eat only "cure" for the hungry, not for sad, bored, cold, or heat.

To teach it, children first have to understand about the concept of hunger and satiety. Many children still do not understand hunger and satiety with certainty. Grace said, they just know that there is "want to eat" and "satiety".

"If you have this, they want to eat them every regard hungry, but your body is not necessarily needed to eat. While they just stop eating if it is not able to eat again or satiety. Yet should we have to stop eating when satisfied, not stuffed," said founder weight loss clinic this lighthouse.