Vitamin C, Brighten Up Skin and Prevent Wrinkles

Vitamin C is more often we discussed when it comes to disease prevention topics. In fact, the benefits of this vitamin also great for skin health and beauty.

For centuries, women have always found ways to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C to the skin. In Tibet, during the reign of the Tang Dynasty, women who want to prevent the signs of skin aging sea buckthorn plant seeds spread on the face and hands.

Similar plants give the golden orange proved to be a good source of vitamin C. Other plants are also used in skin care in ancient times was supposedly rose seeds contain vitamin C 20 times higher than oranges.

Not surprisingly, a century ago, Native Americans make a paste or dough made of rose petals for moisturizing and healing skin sores.

The biggest benefit of vitamin C in skin health is its ability to help the formation of collagen. Vitamin C has ascorbic acid which is the key to produce the protein collagen to keep your skin healthy and not easy to loose. Collagen along with elastin to keep skin healthy. Collagen producing skin elasticity and strength, while elastin produce spasticity.

In addition, vitamin C is also a source of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the skin. Recent research suggests that the content of ascorbic acid 2-phosphate is taken vitamin C not only neutralizes free radicals, but also repair damage to DNA. In addition, vitamin C can also help the skin repair itself from the inside when the injury occurs.

When the body lacks vitamin C skin look more dry and rough.

According dr.Hanny Nilasari, Sp.KK, vitamin C is also beneficial for skin lightening. "The principle works is to spread the pigments to be more evenly so skin looks brighter," he said.

In those who are often exposed to sunlight the skin to seem more brown as the pigment formation. That is why treatment for skin that is often exposed to sunlight and pollution should be more intense than usual.

Given the benefits of vitamin C are so great for skin care, cosmetics manufacturers were competing creating products made from vitamin C. Those who want instant results choose the way of oral or injectable vitamin C.

Disadvantages of taking supplements is the dose must be high and the results are not immediately visible as if through injection or infusion.

Hannah explained, injectable vitamin C basically safe if the dose is limited and under the supervision of a physician. "But you should not expect to direct white skin. Least the maximum is to restore skin to its original color. Which is like, can be seen in many parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun such as skin color that's normal," he said.

Actual spread is also shown to be effective ways to deliver active substances in cosmetic products into the skin. Some research also suggests vitamin C in topical form has a significant effect repair skin damage from the sun.

To get faster results, is now available with a serum or concentrate the active ingredient is higher compared to other topical therapies such as creams or pastes. Because the active ingredient is high, the results are seen faster.

In addition to care from the outside, Hanny suggested that we eat lots of food and beverage sources of vitamin C such as oranges or kiwi. "Eat healthy foods and do not smoke because cigarette smoke causes the skin to become rough, dry and dull," he said.