Sunlight Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is an allergic disease which is the number of infected continues to rise. One way to reduce the symptoms of asthma is to spend some time basking in the sun.

Asthma attacks can make the sufferer asphyxiation because their airways inflamed, swollen, and narrowed.

Although steroid drugs can control the symptoms, but not everyone fits. Because it could not hurt to try new ways recommended by the experts from Kings College London.

In their latest research mentioned, the body's vitamin D is made from sunlight, would improve asthma symptoms. Vitamin D is known to calm part of an overactive immune system in asthma.

However, so far this has not been tested asthmatic patients treated with vitamin D.

"People with adequate levels of vitamin D is better in controlling their asthma. Linkage between the two is quite strong," said researcher Prof.Catherine Hawrylowicz.

In  study, they examined the effect of vitamin D on chemical compounds in the body, namely interleukin-17. This is an important part of the immune system and fight infection in charge.

But interleukin-17 could be a problem if the levels are too high and the impact on asthma attacks. Well, it turns out vitamin D can lower interlekuin-17 when tested with added in blood samples taken from 28 patients with asthma.

The researchers are now conducting a clinical trial to decide whether exposure to the sun can reduce the symptoms of asthma. Patients who became the subject are those who do not fit steroid asthma drugs. As a result, they produce interleukin-17 seven times more than other patients.

Responding to the results of this study, Malayka Rahman, of the charity Asthma UK welcomed. "The majority of patients actually fit with existing drugs, but some are not susceptible to the drug. Therefore this study is very important," he said.

He also added that many patients are actually worried about the side effects of asthma medications. "Therefore, if vitamin D is indeed effective against asthma symptoms, quality of life can be improved," he said.