Signs of Solid Cancer in Children

Cancer is basically a disease that can be treated and cured if found at an early stage. In fact, pediatric oncology specialist dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru stated the possibility of recovery reached 80 percent. Thus, it is important for parents to be aware of particular signs of early cancer.

Cancer, said Edi, broadly divided into two groups. The first group is a type of cancer of the blood with the term liquid cancer, and the second is a group of solid tumors.

Solid tumors can be found in almost every organ of a child, from head to toe. Parents usually feel the tumor or lump on a child's body during bathing. When you find a lump, then parents need to be checked on the health personnel to confirm the lump was cancerous or not.

Here are the things to look out for when parents see or feel the bumps are quoted in the book "Beware and Recognize Early Cancer in Children" Foundation anyo Indonesia (YAI) prepared by dr. Edi.

1. Eye

Parents should be suspicious when a child's eyes look like cat eyes, red eyes, visual disturbances or squint. Special about red eyes, usually a parent will give eye drops are sold freely on the market. Parents may do the act, but in three days if there is no improvement, immediately consult. It could be because it is not a common eye disease, but early symptoms of eye cancer (retinoblastoma).

2. Neck

Vigilant when confronted with a lump in the neck of a child who grew in a short time. Children usually do not complain of pain when the lump is pressed or held. Unlike the bump caused by the infection, usually will feel pain when pressed or held and feels hot when touched.

The teeth and ear infections can also cause lumps with the characteristics mentioned above. Confirmation is needed because the lump two different handling.

3. Lung

When a child is found shortness of breath and chest after the photo was found cancerous cells in his lungs, do not think that this child of lung cancer. No lung cancer in children. This situation is usually the result of the spread of a certain type of cancer to the lungs. One type of childhood cancer that can spread to the lungs is bone cancer.

4. Stomach

Many organs can be found in the abdomen, such as liver, kidney, ovary, and others. All of the above organs can be affected by cancer. Physically, the child will be seen bulging belly and when pressed will be felt a lump. If it finds such a case, immediately consult the child.

Another thing to note is not too often parents push her stomach that grew bigger because it can facilitate the spread.

5. Genitals

Genitals in question is male genitalia. Physically, the right and left testes looks not as great, the consistency of the affected testicle is usually hard, and found no signs of infection. Testicular cancer in organs, as well as the lungs may be a result of the spread of a certain type of cancer to the testes. The type of cancer is that it can spread to the testicles is a blood cancer (leukemia).

6. Hands or feet

Alert if no visible swelling of the hands or feet. This swelling can usually accompanied by fever or pain.

7. Brain

Bumps on the brain which can not be seen or touched. However, parents will still be able to be aware of the symptoms of brain cancer by looking at the impact caused by the presence of a lump in the brain. These symptoms, include dizziness, vomiting spray, paralysis, and impaired balance.