Healthy Benefits of Red Rice

White rice is food that has always been a major presence in the daily diet. But often people who want to lose weight prefer red rice because it is considered healthier.

In terms of taste, white rice can indeed be said to be more palatable. White rice that has been cooked into the rice has a slightly sweeter taste than the red rice.

"red rice can be said to be healthier because the process of refining its path just remove the skin of a grain of rice, so the nutrients remain intact. On the other hand, having white rice milling and polishing process, so some of the nutrients lost," said Mickey Mehta, a health expert, as quoted by the Times of India, on Wednesday (15/05/2013).

About 1 cup of red rice made up 88 percent of manganese, selenium 27.3 percent, 20.9 percent magnesium, tryptophan and 18.7 percent of calories in just 12 percent of calories. Process changes from red to white rice destroys about 60 percent iron, 80 percent of vitamin B1, vitamin B3 67 percent, 90 percent of vitamin B6, 60 percent of the iron and nearly half of phosphorus, manganese and dietary fiber naturally present in rice.

red rice is said by experts have good for the heart. Because the concentration of fibrous, red rice gives effect to make moves in a healthy intestine and can help you lose weight.

Take 1 cup of cooked red rice meets about 80 percent of the daily need of manganese in the body. Manganese works to help the formation of healthy cholesterol. red rice also increases your metabolism and makes you feel fuller for a long time.

Replacing white rice with red rice in the daily diet can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

"As with wheat, red rice is also a type of whole grain.  natural red rice or organic red rice is best because it is packed with all the essential nutrients and keep the vitamins," said Mehta.