First Aid for Sprain

Sprain is the term often used for ligament injuries in the joints or muscles. Ligaments that support the connection works both parts of the body to stretch the bones or torn.

Symptoms of a sprain are pain and swelling in the joints, when touched feels soft and blackened or bluish skin color in around the wound.

By Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, First Aid and How to Correct Handling of Emergency', when it was unclear whether the victim was injured because of a broken bone or sprain, could be done to help a broken bone.

Here is the first aid for sprains:

- Use cold water or a bag of ice and place it on the injured area.

- Use a splint to support the injured area using a blanket, thick cloth or pillows. Disconnect if there is swelling.

- Keep the injured area in a higher place than the heart organ.

- Do not let the victim walk alone

- Do not soak the wound with warm water early in the event of injury. Be soaking after 24 hours later.

- Bring to remedy medical help decide whether there is a fracture.