Exercise Before Breakfast Burn Fat More Effectively

If you have tried various ways to lose weight, but has not shown the desired results, you may need to change the diet strategy. Try a simple and effective steps like exercising before breakfast.

A new study found that people who exercise in the morning before eating make body easier to burn fat up to 20 percent more than the others. The researchers sought to decide how the effects of exercise on the body after the stomach is not conceding any increase food  appetite overnight and in the morning.

Scientists from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle asked 12 healthy men to walk on the treadmill exercise at 10 am. Participants were divided into 2 groups, the first group had breakfast and groups who have breakfast when exercising.

After the completion of exercise, the participants were given a chocolate milkshake to restore power. Then served lunch to participants in the form of pasta and participants were asked to eat until he felt completely satisfied.

Researchers then calculate the amount of energy and fat consumed by participants during lunch, and take into account the amount of energy and fat burned during exercise in the morning.

"This study suggests that exercise done after breakfast can increase appetite during the day to compensate for previous activities," said Emma Stevenson, leader of the study, as reported health.india, Saturday (01/26/2013).

Meanwhile, people who exercise on an empty stomach managed to burn fat almost 20 percent more than those who had taken breakfast before exercise. The results of these studies show that exercising on an empty stomach is more effective weight loss.