Difficult Controlling Your Appetite? Follow These Tips

Uncontrollable appetite is a gateway onset obesity caused various diseases. If you have uncontrolled appetite, then try the following tips to live.

1. Do not skip meals

Maybe you think skipping meals can reduce calorie intake, but it turns out it was wrong. According to nutritionists from Hackensack University Medical Center, Susan Kraus, skipping meals will only increase appetite. Conversely, preventing overeating can be done by choosing foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates. This will cause the body full longer and keeping blood sugar stable.

2. Identify the trigger

By recognizing triggers uncontrollable appetite, then you can try to avoid it. How to identify the cause is always a great appetite, among others, by making a list of foods eaten in a week, as well as record mood, stressful events, and how hungry you are before you start eating.

3. Wait

When stressed, we tend to have a high appetite and uncontrolled. So, do not obey the desire to eat when stressed. When cravings arise, wait about 20 minutes. Possibility appetite will subside.

4. Drink

Hypothalamus, the part of the brain that control mood and hunger, thirst mean like hunger. Thus, quench thirst by drinking too will suppress our desire to eat. However, should you choose drinks with no added sugar.

5. Divert

If all you need is the movement of the mouth to make sense of satiety, choose sugar-free gum. Australian research shows, people who like to chew gum have a stress hormone 16 percent less than those who do not.

6. Laugh

Look at things with a more positive so you are easier to laugh. Research shows that laughter can reduce stress, helping the body to release happy hormones endorphins, and burns calories.