Dehydration Can Cause Depression and Fainting

Fluid intake should not be underestimated. Dehydration will be experienced when the body is dehydrated. The result can make depression or fainting.

Well, the pilgrims from Indonesia are at risk of dehydration because of the climate in contrast to the Holy Land in the country. Hot temperature plus low humidity can make a person dehydrated.

"When dehydrated, a person is in a state of 'fight or flighting' is face the situation or just run away from the situation. 'Fight or flighting' which often makes people become confused and dazed," said dr. Zainal Muttaqien of the Department of Physiology Faculty of Medicine UGMdalam event Pocari Sweat Hajj Seminar 2013 with the theme 'Risk of Dehydration in the Holy Land' which was held at Le Meridien Hotel, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/18/2013).

"Even the pilgrims could be depression and fainting. Often get lost if went to her own room," he continued.

dr. Zainal also urged pilgrims to maintain the condition so as not to dehydrate. Congregation than men, women are more commonly affected assembly dehydration while in the Holy Land. This is because the female body, the more fat content and body fluids evaporate faster.

In addition, for women who have older, his bladder size shrinking so quickly feel the urge to urinate. "For fear of too frequent urination, pilgrim women do not want to drink, until he was exposed to dehydration," said dr. Zainal.

According to him, a sign a person is dehydrated the body fatigue, susceptible to flu, and decreased immune system. This happens due to decreased blood pressure, as well as the sympathic nervous or stress in the body activated. Other signs are nausea, thirst, fever, irritability, and decreased appetite.