Confused, Sign of Dehydration

Dehydration is a disruption in the body's fluid balance. This disorder with loss of electrolyte balance in the body.

This occurs due to the body's fluid intake is less than expenditure. This loss of fluid balance can result in neurological work-optimal.

One of the symptoms of dehydration are feeling confused. In addition to confusion, dehydration also resulted in some people forget temporarily. Dehydration also causes the majority of pilgrims are confused, get lost, forget the inn, and out-group to worship in the Holy Land.

"Most people are not aware of confusion is a sign of dehydration. Though prone to dehydration pilgrims," ​​said Zaenal Muttaqien Sofro of the Department of Physiology Faculty of Medicine, University of Gadjah Mada, Tuesday (06/18/2013) in Jakarta.

Memory, further Zaenal, influenced by the autonomic nervous system in the body. In addition to affecting memory, it affects the nervous system of the heart muscle, blood vessels, iris, thoracic organs, abdominal, and glands of the body. The autonomic nervous system is working out and maintaining awareness of the state of the body in controlled conditions, without being aware of the existence of control.

Lack of fluids will affect the autonomic nervous system in the body. As a result, the person may experience disorientation dehydration.

Prone to dehydration experienced by pilgrims due to various factors. Sacred soil conditions with low humidity, flying for 9 hours and solid activity led the congregation did not feel thirsty. As a result, the amount of fluid intake is very little.

The risk of dehydration, said Zaenal, actually has appeared since in the course of using the aircraft. This is because most of the pilgrims spent 9 hours to sleep. In fact, during sleep the body also releases fluid.

With shortages during the trip, Zaenal advised pilgrims to drink without waiting thirsty. When you are dehydrated, your body will show some other symptoms such as high body temperature, appetite down, and fever.

"Thristy means it is too late. Drink without having to feel hungry," he said.

Zaenal also advised to provide for fluid in everyday life. Adequacy of the autonomic nervous fluid will help work up. As a result a person avoid feeling confused and forgotten.