Colon Cancer Predicted to Increase

Number of patients with non-communicable diseases increase with a modern lifestyle. One of the non-communicable disease prevalence is increasing gastrointestinal cancer. Currently only gastrointestinal cancer ranks third with most prevalence in Indonesia.

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Society of Gastroenterology Indonesia (PGI) Professor Marcellus Simadibrata say, colon or colorectal cancer is the biggest contributor to the high prevalence of gastric cancer. Colorectal cancer prevalence reached 19.1 per 100,000 population. Even the prevalence is predicted to increase in the coming years.

Digestive Specialists Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Hospital dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo (Faculty of medicine / RSCM) Fahrial Dr. Ari said, the change in lifestyle and environment to be the most influencing factor is the increasing prevalence.

Lifestyle changes, said Ari, is defined to be the negative direction. Like if the first person can eat a lot of fiber foods, such as vegetables, whereas now eat more fast foods that are high in fat.

Moreover, people now tend to be more lazy move. If the first person can walk several kilometers in a day, now with the increasing number of vehicles, people seemed to spoil and prefer riding in the vehicle.

"Though less dietary fiber and less mobile are risk factors for colon disorders, such as constipation, which increases the likelihood of cancer," he added.

In addition to lifestyle changes, continued Ari, environmental changes also increase the likelihood of colorectal cancer. Neighborhood is residential, including forms used toilet.

"Changes in the form of a squat toilet toilet toilet seat can make it difficult to defecate so the incidence of constipation will increase," said a doctor who is also active in the virtual world.

According to experts the digestive system Anish Sheth, co-author of the book What's Your Poo Telling You?, Use a squat toilet to pee is the best way to prevent various bowel problems.

Sheth said, squatting defecationto relaxing dirt retaining muscle as a whole, as well as align the position of the colon to facilitate the process of defecation. Meanwhile, the toilet seat is just to relaxing some muscles so urine becomes more difficult.