Collision in Head, The Most Deadly Injury

Traffic accidents can lead to the fatal impact of death. From various types of injuries that may occur, concussion in head injury assessed as the most deadly since a direct impact on brain function.

"The most deadly injuries when accidents generally is a terrific bump on the head," says Dr Firdaus Saleh Spb (K), the surgeon of the hospital when contacted detikHealth Pelni Jakarta, Friday (04/24/2013).

According to Dr Firdaus, the brain is the center of the system in the body's regulation. If there is a very great impact on the head which resulted in a lot of blood came out, then the brain will lack the nutrients from the blood and loss of function.

Because it is so fatal, generally in the head injury in a collision will need to be addressed in a very quick time. If the impact has severe and a lot of blood coming out, patients will shock and unconsciousness.

Not just bleeding in the brain, any kind of bleeding in other parts of the body can also lead to death. Dr. Muki Faiz, SpOT, orthopedic specialists of RS Puri Indah said that the bleeding in any part can cause shock and loss of consciousness. If not immediately shut down and replaced, then the body will not be able to tolerate the lack of blood.

"In addition to the head, chest and stomach bleeding risk also lead to death. Example, the victim suffered severe impact on the chest, then a broken rib and puncture a lung or heart, then certainly the victim will be short of breath," said Dr. Muki.

According to him, this shortness of breath due to lungs filled with blood. If the lungs are filled with blood, it must immediately be taken by the medical team. If just a little too late, this could lead to death, even instantly at the scene.