Beware of Heart Attack When Vacations

Heart problems apparently ranks first as a cause of death of a traveler. Although the atmosphere of a vacation is supposed to make the mind more relaxed, apparently on holiday somewhere new environment can trigger a heart attack. 

Experts warn, tourist crowds, pollution of air, hot temperatures, new foods, alcohol consumption, physical activity until the overcrowded during holidays where could increase the risk of heart attack. 

Serial Sopranos actor James Gandolfini (51), who died recently, also was on vacation in Rome. Allegedly he suffered a heart attack, although the cause of death has not been officially announced as waiting for autopsy results. 

According to a study published in 2003 in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, noted unusual activity during a vacation can cause both mental and physical stress. 

These conditions in addition to triggering heart attacks also causes heart disease. A traveler can also upset and stressed when their desire for leisure activities or places are not as expected. 

The study involved 92 Dutch people who had suffered a heart attack while on vacation. Known heart attack usually occurs in the first two days of the holiday period. 

"Physical and emotional aspects while traveling and on vacation should be a concern for guests. Currently on vacation we were able to have a heart attack," said Dr. Erik Altman, of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Southside Hospital, in New York, USA. 

While on vacation, usually a person frees himself to eat a variety of culinary, drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as forgetting to take medication. In people who already have heart disease risk, it is very dangerous. 

Altman suggested that someone who suffered from a particular disease adjust his vacation with his health condition.