Avoid These Activities While Pregnant

During pregnancy, there are various restrictions that must be shunned the mother. With the changing physical circumstances, not all things can be do again. Healthy pregnancy so that you stay awake, watch list of some activities that should be avoided.

As quoted from Boldsky, Monday (13/05/2013), here are some risky activities to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Wearing Heels

Actually wearing high heels during pregnancy is not prohibited, but it will make you very uncomfortable. How does not, increased body weight is concentrated on one point, namely at your heels. If you are adamant to wear high heels during pregnancy, you may experience back pain.

2. Shift Furniture at Home

Housework, such as moving furniture range is a normal activity. But once you reach the age of pregnancy first trimester, better avoid.  because this will put pressure on the already strained backs.

3. Holding Toddler

If this second pregnancy, then you should keep your first child was a toddler who might age. Well, avoid carrying your toddler for ya. Especially if it weighs more than 5 pounds because it will increase the pressure on your back and placenta.

4. Skating

Many people use skating as a way to exercise. But when you're pregnant, you should avoid activities that need balance such as skating. Because during pregnancy can make you a little out of balance.

5. Sauna

Sauna or steam bath should never be done during pregnancy. Because when your body heats up, blood is directed to the skin to cool down. This means your baby will be lack of blood flow.

6. Exercise Too Heavy

If you exercise too heavily pregnant at the time, the heart rate will increase. It means that the blood supply to the placenta is reduced so that would make the chances of an increase in blood pressure.

7. Blood Donation

I have found no adverse effects were noted related activities donating blood during pregnancy. However, the mean blood donate iron will be drained from the body. That is why according to the rules of WHO, pregnant women are prohibited from blood donors.

8. Enjoy the rides at the playground

When pregnant, you could have gone to the playground to entertain themselves. But remember, do not try the rides, especially rides such as roller coasters, race cars, and other very dangerous for pregnant women.

9. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a constant undulating motion. This activity is not possible for pregnant women. In addition there is the possibility that an accident may cause the placenta or miscarriage.

10. Attending Rock Music Concert

When pregnant, hold left alone for not attending rock concerts. Because these activities can be filled with a lot of people and jostling each other. Maybe not right you constantly tell other visitors concert that you're pregnant? Besides the fetus in your womb can hear sounds after the age of 22 weeks, now loud deafening sound certainly is not good for him.