Yoyo Diet Not Always Detrimental

Lack of proper diet makes us had to do, and so tend to get bored quickly left. This causes our body weight up and down, sometimes even rise higher than before the diet. This is called yo-yo dieting.

However, a history of weight loss is not consistent like this should not deter you to run a healthy diet and regular exercise for healthy weight management. Recent research from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that you can still lose weight at an older age, and get the ideal weight for good.

According to the researchers, as quoted from the journal Metabolism, although this time you fail on the diet, but do not despair. Therefore, the key is to persevere when running.

The study also found that women are able to maintain the same weight for five years or more, have a better immune system. They have a natural killer cell activity 40 percent greater than those whose weight is not stable.

"We know there is a link between obesity, inactive lifestyle, and increased risk of some types of cancer. World Health Organization estimates that a quarter to a third of cancers could be prevented by maintaining a normal weight and keeping physically active lifestyle," said the leader This study, Dr. Anne McTiernan.

The study was conducted during one year observing the lifestyle of 439 overweight to obese women. One-fifth of the women involved in this study had a history of yo-yo dieting. By definition the researchers, weight yo-yo dieters never fell and rose more than 9 kg, three times or more throughout his life.

The respondents placed them into four groups, ie one group that just asked diet: one group exercise only (mainly brisk walking), the diet plus exercise group, and another group received no intervention at all.

The result, a diet-only group and the diet plus exercise program successfully achieved the goal, and lose 10 percent of his body weight. Other findings, the respondents apparently did not show any difference in the ability to lose weight or get involved in an exercise program (if they have a history of yo-yo dieting or not).

In addition, the respondents also showed no difference in their health condition. There is no significant difference in the blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and blood concentrations of hormones such as leptin (which makes you feel full) and adiponectin (which regulates glucose levels).

In conclusion, if you want to diet, including do diet anytime when your age increases. Do not let the history of weight loss that is always up-down blocking your intention to lose weight.