Tomato-Soy Combination Effectively Prevent Prostate Cancer

For men, prostate problems are often haunting specter at the age advanced. Nothing wrong if the prevention of this disease has been socialized from a young age. One of the precautions that can be considered is to eat tomatoes with soy. According to one study, the combination of tomato and soy appeared to have a better effect in preventing prostate problems. Eating both simultaneously will give better effect than eaten one by one.

As published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, a combination of the two meals is effective in preventing prostate cancer.

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Ohio State University conducted experiments on mice to test the ability of this combination. They've been manipulating the genes of mice in order to develop an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

They fed the mice with tomato powder containing two percent of soybeans, while there are groups of rats fed tomato or soy alone.

Mice derived from a combination of tomato and soy group 45 percent had prostate cancer. This figure compared with mice from the tomato group, which is as much as 61 percent, and 66 percent soy group.

The researchers said that, if applied to an adult human, these results can be translated to consume three to four servings of tomato per week and one to two servings of soy each day.

They also said the natural grain derived from tomatoes and soy milk is more beneficial than lycopene supplements and soy. The reason, the overall content of foods can add effects against cancer cells.