Beware of Chronic Heartburn Disease

Burning sensation in the stomach or also known as heartburn can be caused by smoking, drinking alcohol, or excess stomach acid. Beware the condition if it lasts long, especially if you are not a smoker or drinker of alcohol.

A research team from Brown University led Scott M. Langevin found that people who suffer from chronic heartburn at high risk of suffering from cancer of the throat and vocal cords. The study involved 631 cancer patients throat and vocal cords in Boston. While the control group or the healthy person consists of 1,234 respondents. The results published in the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

All participants had previously undergone 16 tests infection Human Papillomavirus (HPV 16), to make sure the cancer is not caused by the attack suffered by HPV. Participants also filled out questionnaires about family health, history of heartburn, and smoking and alcohol drinking habits. The survey also takes into account participants' sociodemographic backgrounds.

"We found that respondents who often experience heartburn heartburn due to chance 78 percent risk of cancer of the throat and vocal cords," said Langevin.

Further research is also needed to determine the effect of antacids on the development of cancer of the throat and vocal cords. Antacids are medications that are often prescribed to reduce nausea arising. Langevin said, although antacids reduce nausea, but the cause of heartburn is not necessarily lost. The treatment process will be more or less influential in the development of cancer cells.

"Additional research is needed to validate the effects of antacids include frequent heartburn patients. Obviously much research into what recommendations can be given antacids, and when the patient should undergo further treatment," said Langevin.

Vocal cords and throat cancer became one threat in the United States. National Cancer Institute reported cancer cases 12.260 13.930 vocal cords and throat cancer. About 6 thousand people are estimated to die from the two diseases.