Why Toddlers Love to Throw Things?

Throwing is a newly acquired skills and delighted by children aged 18 months to 3 years. These skills need good motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

To improve these skills need to practice over and over again. No wonder if your child is very happy to do so.

Another lesson learned by throwing the baby is all that falls to the floor can not rise again. He was not familiar with gravity, but he has to understand that effect. If the thrown ball will bounce if thrown cake will crumble, and so on.

But pleasure can throw make us dizzy because the house so messy. But if the action does not endanger himself tossed or others, you should not punish your child.

That should be a parent is guiding children, what should be limited and where he could throw. You can try these tips:

- What should be thrown

Your child will quickly find out what should not be thrown if there are many other objects that may, in fact encouraged, to be thrown. There is now quite a lot of toss toys to choose from. He will be glad if you will do it together.

Message to be received is that he should throw the right thing at the right time. "When he throws undue objects, such as shoes, calmly took from his hand. Say," is not to be thrown shoe. The ball may be ".

- Do not fall for emotional

Sometimes children are not supposed to throw things just to attract the attention of parents. If possible, ignore his behavior. If he managed to draw your attention to the throws, he will do it again.

- Tidy up together

Do not tell your child to clean up his throw. The task was too much for his age. Encourage your child to put toys with you. For example, by taking the race picking up toys.

- Accompany your meal time

At this age children tend to fall apart when you eat. You can reduce the habit to sit with him at dinner. Take advantage of the time to teach him so he would not throw his food. Encourage the child to improve his speech chatting.