Recognize Risk Factors and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Steak, burgers, roast duck, pizza and a variety of other fat-rich food is certainly delicious. But if you eat these foods without fiber diet and exercise can trigger colon cancer or colorectal cancer.

Triggering the growth of polyps can develop into colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is today one of the most deadly cancers. For that, let's recognize the risk factors and symptoms.

According to Dr. Dr. Aru W. Sudoyo, SpPD-KHOM, FACP up when it's not known the exact cause of cancer is unclear. "However, there are several factors that may pose a risk is genetic, age, unhealthy diet, less physical activity, diabetes, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption," said Dr. Aru.

It was mentioned by him in the event Roche Media Health Forum with the theme of 'Targeted In Colorectal Cancer' held at Shabu-Shabu Resto IMAE, lt 5 Pacific Place Mall SCBD, Jl Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta, which was written on Thursday (04/04/2013).

According to Dr. Aru, this cancer will usually show symptoms related to the gastrointestinal tract. Here are some symptoms:

1. Changes in bowel habits including frequency and consistency of bowel movements is not obvious lasting more than 6 weeks.

2. Weight loss for no apparent reason

3. Bleeding in the colon. It is characterized by the finding of blood in the stool during bowel movements

4. Pain in the abdomen or back

5. Stomach still feels full even after a bowel movement

6. Weakness or fatigue

Well, if you have any of these symptoms please make early detection and screening. There are several options offered to diagnose. For example, examination by the rectum (rectal), barium enema (By inserting a small tube into the rectum and enter the liquid barium into the large intestine. Usually before doing this you will be asked to fast for a few hours).

Ultrasound (USG), which checks the sound waves to take pictures inside the body as well as virtual colonoscopy / CT colonography may also be an option. However, virtual colonoscopy is a new technique that is still unclear accuracy.