Pregnant Women Must Take a Nap

If you are a woman going through pregnancy, please feel free to take a nap. For those who are pregnant, take a nap are suggested.

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy often makes mothers often feel weak, tired, tired and lethargic. Moreover, pregnant women often suffer from lack of sleep is bad for the health of themselves and the fetus.

Although it can not pay debts night's sleep, a nap is enough to help women regain lost energy. This energy can be used to re-move the mother and maintain their health. Naps can also maintain alertness, sharpen memory, and reduce weakness.

Ideally, the mother who is pregnant perform a nap every day. This is important especially in the first and third trimester of pregnancy, when fatigue reaches its peak. A study conducted the National Sleep Foundation found that more than 50 percent of pregnant women at least once a nap during weekdays. While 60 percent chose a nap while the weekend.

"When you're feeling tired and had to sleep should do it, the length of time does not matter," says sleep expert doctor dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT Mitra Kemayoran Hospital.

According to Andreas, pregnant women can sleep for 2-3 hours depending the age when women are pregnant. Pregnant women in the age of 20 have a total sleep time up to 10 hours, with a 2-3 hour long nap.

Energy gain during daytime sleep could be saving energy for the mother when the baby was born. Andreas said that until the baby is 24 months old, both parents will lose hours of sleep equivalent of 6 months.

Pregnant women also need to manage your time so as not to disturb his nap hours of sleep a night. Napping too late, it will interfere with sleep at night. As a result, some pregnant women who can not sleep at night.