Not All Cancers Need to Be Treated with New Drug

Cancer is still a threat that many people feared to this day. Various treatments had been developed to cure or ward off the spread of cancer cells. Now beginning to appear a lot of research being done to find new cancer-fighting drugs.

"The new drug is very important because it can increase the success of cancer treatment in patients. But sometimes these new drugs are being hailed. Whereas some types of cancer do not need new drugs," said Dr Ang Peng Tiam to detikHealth as written on Sunday (7/4 / 2013).

Dr Ang Peng Tiam is a leading cancer specialist in Singapore, as well as serving as the Medical Director and Senior Consultant of Medical Oncology at the Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore. In a talk at Seafood Terrace, Level 5, Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Dr Ang cancer analogy with cooking.

According to Dr. Ang, oncology requires a formula, similar recipes. To get a good culinary, chefs have to follow the steps that already exist. But the chef is a chef who knows the true formula, but also consider the size and condition of food ingredients as well as customers.

"In cancer treatment, too. Younger doctor opened the cookbook and follow the steps., But the more mature, we know how the adjustment to ensure patient welfare. Need not true Chef cook book, but she already knows how to make good food," Ang said dr.

Even so, the cancer drug discovery still needs to be done to find an effective and efficient treatment. Dr Ang explained, is currently the center of attention by the cancer center and a variety of other researchers in the world is on the molecular genetics of cancer triggers.

So researchers are trying to identify therapies that target the gene to be turned into cancer, and inhibit its development path. If this path is blocked, the cancer can be prevented or at least become less aggressive. In the end, this will impact on the drug more effective treatments.

"In the lung cancer that strikes nonsmokers, we know most of the patients have abnormalities in genes that trigger cancer-causing mutations. By taking the drugs, then we can prevent the emergence of cancer by 70 percent," said Dr Ang.