Most Maternal Deaths Due to Hypertension

Maternal deaths in Indonesia is still considered to be high, even the most highly regarded in Southeast Asia. The investigation found the cause most are due to high blood pressure. This trend shifted from previous cause, namely because of bleeding.

"Maternal deaths due to hypertensive reached 30 percent and now occupies the highest. Highest if the first bleeding, now shifted to hipeternsion," said Slamet Riyadi Yuwono, Director General of the Bini Nutrition and Maternal Child Health Ministry of Health.

In opening the press conference Seminar and Workshop "Neuroscience Paradigm in Whole Embryo Conception to Birth Healthy Baby 'is held from Muhammadiyah Neuroscience Agency in Grand Cempaka Hotel, Jl Lt. Suprapto, Jakarta, Friday (04/12/2013), said Slamet style change factor greatly affect the propensity to live.

"Now hypertension at a young age due to changes in lifestyle, diet and daily lifestyle, nutritional pattern is not balanced, then no exercise and so on. Was caused when she was pregnant with hypertension," said Slamet.

Someone said to have hypertension if their blood pressure rises above normal size, which is above 140/90 mmHg. Hypertension in pregnancy risk of causing severe complications such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, or organ failure and death.

For the fetus, hypertension also increases the risk of resistance developing fetus in the womb, premature birth and miscarriage. The results also found that the current Ministry of Health, the number of maternal deaths are more prevalent in government hospitals.

"After investigation, those who had died in the house a lot, now moving at the hospital. Seems relatively hospitals are not quite ready for the amount of people that come up," said Slamet.

An increasing number of patients who come is because the increasing number of users who assure maternal Jampersal for free at government hospitals and private hospitals are working together. MoH itself much later campaigned for the pregnant women to give birth in a hospital.