Hypertension Can Cause Blindness

High blood pressure or hypertension is caused by increased blood pressure due to narrowing and damage in blood vessel. The disease is dangerous because it can lead to various diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Not only that, hypertension can also cause blindness.

"Hypertension can cause bleeding in the retina, which can cause blindness. Retinal blood vessels can rupture. Tension above 200 mmHg can cause blindness, depending on whether or simply clog up the blood vessels rupture. Retinopathy name for blood pressure," explained Prof. Dr. K. Alwi, SpPD, KKV, the detikhealth, Monday (08/04/2013).

In the event press conference to discuss the dangers of hypertension in Munik Restaurant Jl. Matraman Raya, Central Jakarta, prof Alwi confirmed that hypertension did not show symptoms. So everyone should be diligent blood pressure checked 3-6 months.

In principle, the treatment of hypertension seek to control the patient's blood pressure, which is when the blood pressure less than 140/90 mmHg. If blood pressure is not controlled, then the pressure will affect other organs such as the brain, kidneys and heart will trigger complication.

"The kidneys will lead to chronic kidney disease that would eventually become kidney failure. Quite often we know that kidney failure requiring dialysis should. At the heart can lead to heart failure or a narrowing of the coronary arteries and cause heart attacks," said Prof. K. which is chairman of the Board of Internal Medicine Association of Indonesia (Papdi).

Prof Idrus added complication of hypertension on the brain can cause a stroke. Therefore, he suggested to prevent hypertension because obviously it costs much cheaper and much easier than treating the complications that have already occurred.

The trick is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as keeping habits or lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle or many seats should be abandoned and began to exercise more. Smoking habits should be stopped and the foods that contain lots of fat also started reduced.

"But if a healthy lifestyle is still not able to control the blood pressure, we usually recommend taking the medication regularly. Because if people have hypertension usually for life will have hypertension," said prof Idrus.