Hepatitis C Virus is More Dangerous than HIV

The ferocity of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV are more familiar with the name familiar. But did you know there are more virulent virus than HIV? The virus is known as HCV or Hepatitis C Virus.

Prof. Dr. Dr. David Handojo Muljono, SpPD, FINASIM, PhD said that the development or turnover rate is faster than the virus HIV. "HCV is able to infect the resilience of 7 days outside the body. Tendency mutation or production even faster, which is 97-99 percent. While only 87-98 percent HIV rate," said Dr. David.

Dr. David who also served as Head of the Hepatitis Research Unit Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology in Jakarta revealed that the fourth anniversary of world hepatitis day with the theme Time to Care for Hepatitis! Learn, Prevent, and Treat which is housed in a building Leimena Prof J Adyatma MoH Block C 2nd floor, Jl HRRasuna Block X.5 Said Kav. 4-9 Kuningan, Jakarta, Monday (08/04/2013).

According to this bespectacled doctor, people with hepatitis C will not show any symptoms during acute. But the long-term effects can make people develop liver cirrhosis and cancer.

Dr. David recognized treatment for hepatitis disease is still expensive. Therefore, he appealed again of the importance of hygiene and health of pregnant women.

"Mothers with congenital hepatitis should undergo a first so that the child did not have the chance of contracting the disease," said Dr. David.

For information, other effects caused by this virus is damage to the thyroid, kidney disorders, as well as autoimmune disorders.