Do not Doubt to Take a Nap

Napping has been considered more important for children and toddlers. In fact, the benefits of napping is very important for people of all ages. Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, reduce errors and accidents.

This is evidenced by NASA researchers to suggest military pilots and astronauts take a nap for 40 minutes. The result is performance increased to 34 percent of the crew, while a 100 percent alert.

Naps can directly enhance alertness after hours of sleep, or some other time later in the day. Naps also have a positive effect on psychology, which give a sense of relaxation to refresh the mind. Scheduled naps are recommended for patients with narcolepsy difficulty regulating sleep and waking hours.

"But remember that although it may save energy, take a nap could not pay debts night's sleep," says sleep expert Dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT from RS. Mitra Kemayoran.

Do not be afraid to say slacker just because a nap. A study published in the journal Sleep has reviewed the benefits and the effective length of naps. Napping for 10 minutes shown to reduce drowsiness and improve cognitive performance beraspek. While naps are too long as more than 30 minutes will cause inertia, ie dizziness arising after sleep.

Experts advise someone immediately nap when sleepy while driving. Sleep for 20 minutes and drink caffeine can restore alertness. The same is suggested in night shift workers, who are vulnerable fatigue and impaired performance.

As per a study conducted Sleep Medicine and Research Center along St. John's Mercy Medical Center and St.. Luke's Hospital in St. area. Louis USA in 2006, naps and caffeine consumption have a major impact on the performance of workers with night shifts. Substances caffeine and naps are proven strategies to increase alertness and performance on the night shift workers.

One of the researchers, James K. Walsh, PhD said, it is not easy to remain productive at work while awake at night. Even so, by taking enough time napping and caffeine, it is very much helpful.