Bald Headed Men are More at Risk to Get Heart Disease

Maybe if you see the bald-headed man, the first impression that emerges is equated appearance with Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel or Jason Statham. But if bald because of hair loss, it is necessary to maintain health as bald men more at risk of heart illness.

A study in Japan found that bald men more at risk of heart problems than the hair still intact. But do not worry, the risk is that hair loss at the top of the head, while the loss in the front is not.

After reviewing six studies with a total of nearly 37,000 participants, researchers concluded that bald men have the possibility of coronary heart disease 32 percent higher. But research published this British Medical Journal found no association between men with receding hairline risk of heart disease.

According to researchers from the department of diabetes and metabolic diseases University of Tokyo, a man who has just suffered the loss on the top of the head or the so-called 'vertex baldness' 52 percent more likely to experience a heart attack than a head still full of hair.

"The meta-analysis provides evidence that there is a useful regarding the potential effects of balding against coronary heart disease. Patients and physicians should consider the possibility that baldness is associated with increased risk," the researchers said as quoted by Counsel and Heal, Thursday (04/04/2013 ).

The research team led by Dr. Yamada Tomohide invite men who experience hair loss due to undergo a hair loss doctor. Men who have vertex baldness, especially the young, should be screened for heart disease risk.

"We recommend to adopt a heart healthy lifestyle for the sake of covering the low-fat diet, diligent exercise and reduce stress. Classic risk factors of coronary heart disease such as age, hypertension and smoking can affect the condition," said Dr. Yamada.