5 Causes of Dry Hair

Dry hair will certainly interfere with the appearance of its owner. In addition to hard styled, dry hair also looks dull and unhealthy.

The hair is often exposed to sunlight exposure are generally susceptible to this one problem. So no wonder people living in tropical countries such as Indonesia, need to pay extra attention to hair if you do not want to experience dry hair.

But is it just dry hair caused by sun exposure? Dermatology senior consultant of Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, dr. Nipun Jain explained the causes of dry hair follows.

1. environmental conditions

Heat, cold, wind or extreme is one of the main causes of dry hair. So as much as possible avoid direct exposure of the extreme environmental conditions.

2. Hair care products

Hair care products are a high content of chemicals can lead to dry hair. Instead, use hair care products that contain natural ingredients.

3. Hairdryer

The use of excessive hair dryers and can often eliminate the hair's natural moisture. That's what causes dry hair. Then use a hair dryer as needed, and try to distance hair tool with no less than 15 cm.

4. swim

Swim or soak in the swimming pool with chlorinated water causes contribute to dry hair.

5. disease

Certain diseases such as anorexia nervosa can lead to dry hair. Obviously because the disease makes the body lacks vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

Well, now how to prevent it? Dry hair can be prevented by eating nutritious foods, using natural hair care products, as well as drinking plenty of water.