Stomach Fat Can Increase Risk for Colon Cancer

You probably already know that belly fat due to deposition of fat in the abdomen, may endanger health. Fat that accumulates in the abdomen is a kind of visceral fat that is known to increase the risk of colon cancer.

According to research published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, visceral fat stored in the abdominal cavity directly, has been associated with a higher risk for colon cancer.

Previously been many studies that claim that obesity associated with a variety of cancer risk. Researchers from the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, specialized research on visceral fat alone.

As reported by Medindia on Thursday (03/07/2013) study led by Derek M. Huffman, Ph.D., were trying to determine whether to remove visceral fat in mice genetically affect colon health, whether it is possible to prevent or reduce tumor development.

The mice involved in the study have been given a restricted diet to body fat, then divided into three groups based on the presence of visceral fat. Researchers then examined the reaction of mice against intestinal tumors.

The results showed that obese mice with visceral fat, most develop a large number of intestinal tumors. However, mice that have little visceral fat, either by surgical removal or a calorie-restricted diet, decreased the number of intestinal tumors incredible.

The researchers then divided the group of rats by gender. In female rats, removal of visceral fat was significantly associated with reduced intestinal tumors, but apparently no effect of calorie restriction.

While in male mice, calorie restriction has a significant effect on colon tumor, but the removal of visceral fat did not show the same thing. This suggests that there are gender differences between the tumor with nutrients.

Huffman noted that further studies are needed to unravel the mechanisms of colon cancer with definitive between visceral fat, the goal is to determine whether strategies to cope with such a distended stomach bariatik surgery is safe in humans and show the same effect.