First Aid to Overcome Epilepsy Symptoms

Epilepsy potentially affect anyone. Young people, have no family history of epilepsy and even live a healthy lifestyle also has its risks. So no doubt, you've probably encountered colleagues or associates who holds epilepsy.

Symptoms of epilepsy is a clinical manifestation of excessive electrical charges in the brain or the so called resurrection. Partial arousal that may occur in one part of the brain, but can also occur in general that in all parts of the brain.

Neurologist Doctor of General Hospital Department of Neurology Hasan Sadikin Bandung Gunadharma Syriac says, symptoms like severe epileptic seizures and unconsciousness usually only exist when the resurrection occurs throughout the brain.

"If the resurrection happens partial symptoms usually vary, ranging from numbness, vision problems, moving unconsciously, depending on the affected part of the brain," he said.

So what to do when faced with epilepsy during the resurrection? Mental health specialist from the Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine Hospital Ciptomangunkusumo Suryo Dharmono allot steps to do when faced with this situation:

1. Shouted the

The more people that help will facilitate relief efforts, but the role of the person who did help to be shared. "Some may accompany disabled, some may call medical personnel," said Suryo.

2. Pull into a safe place.

Resurrection can happen anytime and anywhere. Did not rule out going in a dangerous place such as on the street, on the stairs, and other places.

3. Tilt to the right and not given food / drink anything.

Reliably good coffee for epilepsy, but Suryo not recommend because there is no scientific proof.

4. Loosen clothes pressing, such as ties, belts, and other accessories.

5. Wait until the generation stops.

Generation will disappear by itself. But after a generation lost, usually with will be confused and dizzy. So do not leave with after the rescue. If possible could, with questioning whether this is the first time he experienced the resurrection. Therefore, if the first time, preferably with brought to the emergency room.