Drink 500 Milliliters Water Before Eating Help Body Keep Slim

For people who are obese and overweight, lower the number on the scale is not easy. Not infrequently diets tested, but the results may not be satisfactory. Instead of confusion, you should do the easy way first, namely multiply drinking water.

"Drinking water 30 minutes before eating as much as 500 milliliters can lose weight about 13 percent," explained Dr. Parlindungan Siregar, SpPD-KGH from the Kidney and Hypertension, Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine-RSCM in the talk show The 5th Annual Women's Health Expo ( WHE) 2013 Grand Sahid Hotel, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, as quoted on Sunday (03/10/2013).

Dr Parlindungan explained that the benefits of water for weight loss has been proven through research. Ideally, the human body needs water as much as the amount of water released. The need for water intake the average human is about 2.6 liters per day.

Body out of water through sweat, urine and feces. Meanwhile, to get water intake, can be obtained from the drinks and food. In fact, said Dr. Parlindungan, different human water needs with increased age. Water needs in people aged under 65 years in contrast to the already aged 65 years and over.

At the age of under 65 years, sufficient water in adults is to meet the water needs mandatory, as many as 2 liters a day. The need is increased if it is in certain situations, such as working or exercising in a hot environment. These needs will be signaled by the emergence of thirst.

At the age of 65 years and over, ideally water intake is between 1 - 1.5 liters per day. In the elderly, the recommended water intake is at least 1 liter per day. This is because the body's systems are less able to remove water aging well.

Benefits of water for the body not only that. One study found that drinking water can lower the risk of diabetes. The study was conducted on 82,902 middle-aged women. Not only was Dr. Parlindungan also discovered the benefits of water to prevent bladder infections.

"If the water intake is less, can facilitate a bladder infection. With increasing water, it increases the volume of urine and prevent infection," said Dr. Parlindungan.

Then why should water? Dr Parlindungan explained that several studies have found that when drinking water containing sugar, even feared could lead to obesity.