Diabetes Can Leads to Kidney Failure

If diabetes is not controlled properly, over time there will be a variety of disturbances in the body's organs, especially the kidneys. Preventing kidney failure and even referred to as the key to a long life of diabetic patients.

The task of the kidneys is to clean the blood residual metabolic substances the body metabolism. To carry out that function, equipped with a coil kidney capillaries called the glomerulus, similar to a small filter.

If the kidneys can not function properly, these substances can not be removed before the rest perfectly. As a result, the remaining substances will accumulate and poison the body.

According to researchers from the University of Washington kidney disease means an increased risk of death in diabetic patients.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology who observed life expectancy 15,000 patients in the 10-year period found that kidney disease was found in 42.3 percent of patients with diabetes (diabetes).

Other than that 7.7 percent of kidney patients who are not diabetics died in the study period. The risk was increased to 11.5 percent in diabetics, but do not suffer from kidney disease. While in diabetics who have kidney disease death risk rises to 31.1 percent.

"People with diabetes mellitus have a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and death, so that kidney disease is included in the majority of causes of death," said Dr.Maryam Afkarian, lead researcher.

To prevent such deaths, he suggested that diabetic patients to try harder to prevent kidney disease or intensive therapy.

According to Cathy Moulton, from Diabetes UK advisors, if detected early, diabetic kidney disease can be controlled using hypertension drugs.

To view the health condition of the kidney, are advised to do a blood test or check cholesterol levels regularly.