Dentist Allegedly Spread HIV to 7,000 Patients In Oklahoma

Although already aware of the importance of cleanliness for the health of patients, it appears that a dentist in Oklahoma, USA lazy to implement it. As a result, some 7,000 people suspected of contracting the virus hepatitits or HIV.

Dentist named W. Scott Harrington is caught not cleaning equipment used in the practice well. And he realizes that his patient could be infected with contagious disease caused by the equipment used interchangeably.

"We still do not know exactly how long the practice of such practices take place. He's been practicing for 36 years," said Kaitlin Snider, a spokesman for the local health department as reported by the New York Daily News, Sunday (31/03/2013).

Fortunately Dr. Harrington to cooperate with investigators and closing her practice. However, dentists are still threatened his license revoked for committing grave violations against Oklahoma Dental Act.

A total of 7,000 patients who visited the clinic to Dr. Harrington has sent a letter of recommendation to consult hepatitits whether infected or HIV. All of these patients are patients Dr. Harrington who recorded since 2007.

Carelessness doctor was uncovered after the health department inspection in practice. Investigators found there was a lot of cross contamination on the equipment used between patients. Not to mention sterilizing equipment in the clinic was not functioning properly.

Patients Dr. Harrington promised free health screenings at the health department Tulsa, Oklahoma. Local health department states that hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV is a serious disease and patients who are infected often do not show symptoms for years.

"As a precaution and to take appropriate steps to protect their health, it is important for patients to be examined. Should be noted that the transmission is quite rare in the workplace," said Snider.