ARVs as HIV Prevention Begin To Test

Provision of antiretroviral drugs (ARV) for prevention of HIV transmission will soon be tested in Indonesia. For starters, the trial conducted in three cities, namely Jakarta, Denpasar and Badung, Bali.

ARV therapy as prevention of global have done and showed significant results in reducing the risk of HIV transmission. ARV drug originally was given to those who are HIV positive to reduce the amount of virus.

According to Dr. J Silfanus Fonny, Deputy Program National AIDS Commission, ARV treatment as well as preventive treatment given to those who are already infected with HIV, but the CD4 count is less than 500.

"This therapy should be given to the right person because if you do not obey it will be resistant to taking medication," he said in a media event education about HIV Prevention Program Through Sexual Transmission in Jakarta, Thursday (02.28.13).

Fonny explains, treatment and prevention programs are prioritized for sex workers, injecting drug users, transgender, or people living with HIV who have a partner.

"We plan to start this year, but how many people do not know the numbers," he said.

He added that, in addition to the provision of ARVs, other prevention efforts continue. "Condom use remains to be done," he said.