7 Healthy Benefits of Swimming

If you are one of those who are lazy to exercise, you should consider to swim. This sport offers many healthy benefits for the body, helping to burn fat and make the body more refreshed.

Here are some reasons why you should consider starting the sports pool, as reported by Fit Sugar, Monday (25/03/2013), among others:

1. Strengthen all the muscles of the body

Swimming is not only make your back and arm muscles you are working hard, but the other muscles in the body contract also. This sport is more cool because you can strengthen all the muscles of the body without having to perform various types of exercise.

2. Sports are friendly to the recovery of knee injury

If you have just recovered from a knee injury, the pool is a friendly club option for proper recovery and to build strength back. The body may not be ready to start sports like running, so swimming is a great alternative because it gives tremendous pressure on the knee.

3. Make the muscles more flexible

Sports pools combine resistance training with cardio, you can build muscle and increase metabolism. This makes the body are involved in a variety of movements that assist the muscles more flexible.

4. Exercise is good for people who have asthma

Swimming allows you to physically move the humid air in the swimming pool. This sport is believed to reduce the risk of asthma because swimming requires some breath control, and also improves lung function related to your overall breathing capacity.

5. A great way to burn calories

A study shows that swimming for one hour of moderate intensity can burn about 500 calories. Sports pools help increase your metabolism, which will burn more calories.

6. Maximize your cardio

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise because it involves breath control more than walking, so the increased demand for oxygen, causing your muscles to work harder. So you can get the benefits of cardio exercise with more leverage in a shorter time.

7. Refresh

Swimming is a sport that most refreshing because all the activities you do in the water. So, no wonder so many women choose this sport, because like that exercise does not make him sweat and hot afterwards.