Vaccinations for Adults, should I?

Vaccination - also known as immunization - is one of the most effective disease prevention. Through vaccination, a person is expected to have immunity against an infectious disease. With an extensive immunization coverage, it will be more and more people are protected and at the end of a disease can be eradicated (wiped total).

The success of eradication by vaccination has been proven with the discovery of the disease variola (smallpox), formerly a frightening specter. In the not distant future, is expected to also be eradicated polio.

During this time, vaccination / immunization is identical to the child. And that needs to be vaccinated not only children but also adults. It is often not recognized by the public, including health workers.

Why do adults need vaccinations?

1. There are adults who have not been vaccinated at childhood.

2. Along with age, particularly in the elderly, there is waning immunity (decreased levels of antibodies to a disease caused by the aging process), so it is necessary to repeat vaccination.

3. Several groups of adults suffer from chronic diseases (eg, asthma, diabetes, heart disease). They are more susceptible certain diseases that vaccinations are very important.

4. Some adults need to be vaccinated because of the risk to health associated with the job, such as health workers (doctors, medical students, nurses, midwives, laboratory, etc.).

5. Infections in women who are pregnant can cause birth defects, such as rubella infection. This can be prevented by vaccination before becoming pregnant.

6. Some adults should be vaccinated high-risk behavior such as injecting drug users are vulnerable infected with Hepatitis B, Pneumococcal susceptible active smokers, people who have multiple sexual partners vulnerable to Hepatitis B infection and cervical cancer (cervical). Vaccination can prevent them from disease.

7. The reason for traveling (traveling). When someone will be traveling to a country endemic separately certain diseases, it is necessary vaccinations before. For example pilgrims Hajj / Umrah should meningitis vaccination.

So what type of vaccine that can be given to adults?

2. Pneumococcal

3. Tetanus / Diphtheria

4. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to prevent cervical cancer

5. Hepatitis B

6. Hepatitis A

7. Meningitis (especially traveling to endemic countries)

8. Typhoid Fever

9. MMR (Measles / Measles, Mumps / Mumps, Rubella / German Measles)

10. Varicella (chickenpox)

11. Herpes Zoster (chickenpox snakes)

Information importance of adults to get vaccinated may have been known by many people. But often, people do not know where the adult vaccination can be obtained.

Adult vaccination can be performed by general practitioners, Internal Medicine Specialist, gynecologist / obstetrician (specially the HPV vaccine), and is in effect to 'ride' on the child's doctor, because some vaccines for children and adults, alike.

Adults Immunization in Indonesia was developed by the PB Papdi Adults Immunization Task Force (Association of Specialist Doctors in Indonesia). On a regular basis since 2003, Immunization Task Force adult vaccination Adults make recommendations for Indonesia, which contains the type of vaccine, route of administration, and time of vaccination.

Task Force also wrote Adults Immunization Handbook as a guide to physicians all over Indonesia. For Jakarta area, the Task Force has also opened Adult Immunization Clinic located in Building IRM, Floor 5, Cipto Mangunkusumo.

Adult vaccination programs in developed countries is already well developed. In addition because the more people who know the information and increasing awareness for the prevention of disease, as well as insurance covers vaccinations, something that has not happened in our country.

Given the importance of vaccination for adults, but this information is not widely known by the public and the lack of government attention, it would require constant socialization. The public can ask questions directly to a doctor or seek information from reliable sources.