This is What Happened to the Body of Alcohol Drinkers

Alcohol is obviously harmful to the body. Even if you are not addicted and only moderate drinkers or social drinkers, the alcohol would give a bad effect to the body. This is what happened to the body of person who likes to drink alcohol.

Adverse effects of alcohol are drunk usually immediate. But far beyond that, if these drinks are consumed continuously, then health is at stake.

Here are some of their effects on the body if you like to drink alcoholic beverages:

1. Cirrhosis of the liver

This disease as the enemy of all alcohol drinkers. Alcohol is like poison for the liver cells can cause scarring of liver tissue. Finally, a heart so damaged stopped working altogether. Cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) is a potentially fatal disease.

2. High blood pressure

Alcohol will make you 'high' or hovering. This feeling comes from the sympathetic nervous system that controls blood pressure. When you do binge drinking, it may be a spike in blood pressure suddenly.

Vodka, beer and gin are quite fattening alcoholic beverages. Actually you can get more calories from alcohol than from food. Most chronic alcoholics have a 'beer belly' or distended. Obesity is the beginning of many serious health problems.

4. Vascular disease

If your blood pressure is high, it will obviously put pressure on the heart. Alcoholics tend to be more vulnerable and at risk of having a heart attack. Alcohol also makes the blood platelet clumping that leads to heart blockage.

5. Anemia

When you drink alcohol, oxygen carried by the blood to be reduced. This causes certain types of anemia that makes your body feel tired and short of breath, even when not doing anything.

6. Uric acid

Uric acid is a type of arthritis (arthritis) caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. If you are a drinker of alcohol, uric acid will be more painful than an ordinary person.

7. Damage to the pancreas

Alcohol can cause inflammation of the pancreas and inhibits the normal digestive system. This condition is very difficult to cure and can also cause death.

8. Nerve Damage

Alcohol also is toxic to nerve cells, which can cause a syndrome called alcoholic neuropathy. You may feel like the needle on the tip of your fingers or legs, or numbness in some parts of the body.