Skipping Breakfast Has Negative Impact to Child Intelligence

Do not forget to prepare a nutritious breakfast for your child this morning! Breakfast habits of children known to be associated with intelligence and children who skip breakfast tend to have a low IQ.

"Childhood is a critical period in which a person's diet and lifestyle can direct implications for the health and long-term quality of life," said Jianghong Liu, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

It seems that kids breakfast habit is also closely related to the quality of later life. According to a study led by Liu, kids breakfast habits related to IQ.

The researchers analyzed data from 1269 children aged 6 years involved in the study of China Jintan Child Cohort Study, the relationship between breakfast habits with their intellectual ability. The study also had considered a risk factor for other low IQ.

The result is known that children who regularly skip breakfast have a lower total IQ score of 4.6 points compared to the children who regularly eat breakfast. Performance IQ scores between children who skip breakfast was 2.50 points lower, and verbal IQ scores 5.58 points lower.

Researchers believe that breakfast is very important for children, whose brains are still going through cognitive development. Brain energy will be hungry when you wake up in the morning, because the stomach is not filled night of food while asleep.

Breakfast can supply the energy-producing fuel needed by the brain. In addition, the researchers suggest that social interactions children receive from eating breakfast with the family to promote the development of the brain.

Hearing the conversation positive parental regularly when breakfast can help children develop vocabulary, learn about general knowledge, and practice to understand the conversation or the story.

"Regular breakfast with nutritious foods can improve IQ that affect the physical, mental and long-term quality of life," said Liu, as quoted by NaturalNews, Friday (02/15/2013).

The breakfast also has other benefits such as preventing obesity. Study in 2012 found that children who skip breakfast tend to be heavier because it is more likely to eat too many high-calorie foods and sugary soft drinks during lunch at school.