Scientists Discover a Glasses that Can Overcome Color Blind

People who are color blind often found it difficult. In addition to confusion when sorting through the clothes that fit, color blind people are often rejected when following a particular selection, such as selection of college or military service. Now do not worry, scientists have made special glasses to overcome.

This is a laboratory glasses maker named 2AI Labs. To find these glasses, scientists need research during the past 2 years. The inventor, Mark Changizi, explaining that most mammals have a 2-dimensional color, the brightness or gray blue and yellow dimensions.

But some primates, including humans, have a third dimension, namely red and green. The third dimension is useful to help find the fruit in the forest. Changizi doubt this theory because the primates have very different foods.

He believed that the third dimension is developed to feel the emotion signal, such as a flushed face when angry. In fact primates have some body parts that show color variations of green and red.

Changzi found that red green vision in primates is sensitive to the level of oxygenation in the blood. He then created the glasses to see the blood flow under the skin. Later he realized that his creation glasses can also be used to help people with color blindness.

When the glasses are tested on individuals who are color blind, it turns out that individual successfully passed the color blind test. As reported by the Telegraph, Friday (02/08/2013), 2AI Labs is also developing two other types of lenses are used for medical purposes. The disorder is estimated to color blindness is owned by 10 percent of men and a small woman.