Not Only Adult, Baby Can Also Got Heart Disease

Heart disease is often associated with people who are older or at least middle-aged. Many do not know that heart disease can also affect children. It's just different from the causes of heart disease in adults.

"Heart disease in children is largely an inherited disease, but some are caused by infection. Congenital heart disease occurs in about 1 percent of births, ranging from mild to severe," said Dr. T. Sukman Son, SpA (K), pediatric heart specialists from Eka Hospital in a press conference on 'The 2nd Annual East Meets West Cardiology Symposium' at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place, Jakarta, and was written on Thursday (14/02/2013)

Dr Nukman explains, genetic factors accounted for approximately 75 percent of the causes of congenital heart disease. Equally important is the health condition of the mother during pregnancy, especially the first trimester of pregnancy or up to 12 weeks of gestation, when fetal heart formation.

"Pregnancy at age 12 the first week is very important because after that the heart is formed. If something goes wrong, there can be abnormalities, either because toxoplama, rubella. Environmental factors such as radiation, pollution can also affect," explained Dr. Nukman.

Dr Sukman explains, heart disease in children is not caused by disorders such as coronary artery disease in adults, but usually there are abnormalities or leaks in chambers. Fortunately, these abnormalities can be detected since the pregnancy through ultrasound.

However, abnormalities can be detected with ultrasound is the most severe disorder that has character. Mild abnormalities are usually not detected until the baby is born, and some even became known only after infants aged 2-3 weeks, when the baby requires immediate treatment.

"Usually the signs are visible baby suffocation, his body was blue," said Dr. Sukman.


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