Mommyrexia, Eating Disorders During Pregnancy Can Harm the Fetus

Many women worry about weight and body shape is no longer slim after pregnancy and childbirth. Even some celebrities such as deliberately restrict appetite during pregnancy, which is described by the term mommyrexia and unknown harm the fetus.

Women who are pregnant would be easy to feel hunger and increased appetite because they have to meet the energy needs for two people. Thus suppressing appetite and ignore hunger when pregnant naturally harmful to the developing fetus were in desperate need of nutrition.

Mommyrexia is a term similar to the eating disorder anorexia, which describes a condition in which a pregnant woman is obsessed with slim body back quickly after giving birth. One way to be taken is to control weight during pregnancy so as not to experience any improvement.

In fact, the growth and development of healthy babies is determined by the fulfillment of nutrition early in pregnancy. Limiting the intake of nutrients and suppress appetite is not a good choice for pregnant women to their babies health.

"Low weight or weight gain during pregnancy increases the risk of irreversible neurological problems or can not be repaired in infants," said Catherine Hansen, MD, MPH, a gynecologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch, as reported by Self, Sunday (10 / 2/2013).

Lack of calories can lead to low birth weight babies, stunted growth and the baby can not develop properly. In addition, the increased risk of preterm delivery that put babies at greater health risk due to premature births, such as respiratory distress.

You do not need to worry about weight gain during pregnancy, because it is normal. Most women should get a healthy pregnancy weight gain weight is approximately 12.5 to 17.5 Kg.

According to the guidelines pregnancy health, weight gain is only 5.5 to 10 Kg is still regarded as a risky pregnancy. Forget for a moment the issue of body shape during pregnancy and increase your weight to support the health of your baby.

If you have difficulty to promote weight loss, the following tips may help you:

1. Drinking a milkshake every day to get a boost in calories and calcium.

2. Eating nutrient-dense foods with good fats, such as avocados and nuts.

3. Snacking on dried fruit that you tend to eat more and get more healthy calories.

4. Often healthy snack foods