Mineral That Can Help You Fight Infections

Someone can obtain a protective effect against infection in a natural way is to meet the body's minerals. A study states that the mineral zinc to strengthen the immune system and prevent infections, so you do not get sick.

The scientists found that in cultured cells of the human body are metallic elements on the outer of the first will be in contact with the virus or infectious baketri. The metal element is zinc, which can help the body fight infection and helps balance the immune response.

According to a report in the journal Cell Reports, zinc activity is a systemic response to a devastating infection. Certain disease can cause a weakened immune system, so that protection against infection decreased.

Though the infection can slow the healing of disease and aggravate the condition. You can obtain additional protection against infection by increasing the levels of zinc in the body, "said Daren Knoell, professor of pharmacy and internal medicine at Ohio State University, who was involved in the research.

Scientists say the findings may help explain why the consumption of zinc tablets flu symptoms early can help ease the effects of the disease.

When the body lacks mineral zinc as an infection, there will be excessive inflammation and takes longer to heal. Inflammation is the body's way of responding to infection or disease.

"Zinc is also important to stop the action of the protein, which in turn prevents excessive inflammation," added Knoell, as dialnsir Health India, Sunday (10/02/2013).

In order not to easily fall ill due to infection, make sure you protect yourself by eating foods rich in zinc or taking a multivitamin tablet containing zinc. Eg zinc-fortified foods are meat, dairy products, grains, and nuts.

You also need to limit their intake of caffeine because caffeine causes a person to urinate more frequently and the more zinc is removed from the body through urine.