Lack of Sleep Can Worsen Memory

Increase age can make people's sleep pattern change. Meanwhile, older age makes part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex tend to shrink.

Research in the United States showed interference 'slow-wave' when adults sleep an indicator of memory processing less effective.
This report iristimes, Friday (02/01/2013).

The study in Nature Neuroscience measure the effect of sleep on memory storage levels in 18 adults aged 20 years and above and 15 adults aged 70 years and over. The study also analyzed brain activity during sleep and see the structure of the brain.

The results show an impairment in the prefrontal cortex in older people. The decline is indicated by a decrease in slow-wave experienced during sleep, and likewise decreased ability to keep information after sleep

"When we myda, we experience deep sleep that can help the brain and keep up information and new facts," said Matthew Walker, a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley.

Walker added the age increases, the quality of sleep will decrease.

Experimental brain research professor of Trinity College Dublin, Shane O'Mara, praised the study, although he was not involved.

"Putting the changes in brain regions and bound by memory and cognitive function or give neurophysiology together is a very neat," said O'Mara.

According to him, sleep is essential for the normal functioning of memory. Other studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can improve sleep and help memory function.

Rapid forgetting is one memory disorders could be caused due to lack of sleep. Several other memory disorders as it took a few minutes to remember where the place of the car park, forgot to call back to a friend, and forget to put stuff.
Other memory disorders such as forgetting the name of a new friend or forget certain terms.

But the more often people use cell phones, email and the TV, the more things they see and the greater their tendency to forget things. Stress, profound sadness and lack of sleep can also affect memory, as well as trying to do many things at once or at a time.


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