Adolescent Get Depression Easier When Parents Interfering in All Things

Be a smart parent and understand the needs and conditions of children in line with its development. Parents who are too interfering in her teenage life, tend to make children feel stressed and depressed.

Holly Schiffrin, researchers from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia found that parents who are interfering in all matters teenagers, can cause adverse psychological effects.

Research shows that teens who are often controlled by their parents, tend to be at higher risk of depression and less satisfied with life. Parental control may include setting class schedules, vacations or even about dating.

The reason for parents to keep their children organize everything despite being too worried about teenagers is child's success, fear of her falling in with the wrong crowd, or worrying about the economy if the child determines his own choice.

"The problem is, a child who has grown into a teenager so crave freedom in the choice and feel has been able to maintain himself. Overprotective parents can actually make children feel depressed," said Schiffrin.

Schiffrin conduct an online survey involving 297 university students in the United States. Participants were asked to describe her mother's parenting behavior and freedom, and asked to rate their level of happiness or satisfaction.

Restrictions from parents makes the child feel lost rights freely and the opportunity to learn from mistakes. The results are then published in Springer's Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Parents should give more children the freedom, in the sense of a controlled free. If the child is raised with a good education and norms from childhood, parents need not worry too much about her teenage life.