Sports Can Also Increase Weight

Has a thin body is not always fun, it's no wonder many people try to increase her weight. Apparently weight gain can be through sports.Generally people change their habits so the weight can be held up, but to add weight to the exercise can make people gain weight the healthy and fuller.

Several things can cause a person thin, as a result of wrong diet, meal times were too long, poor eating choices, increased physical activity but not balanced with proper food, as well as certain diseases.

Weight gain is recommended in phases, known to increase 500 kcal per day can lead to weight gain of 0.5 kg in one week. This is to keep the person still get a healthy body weight.

Aside from nutrition, experts suggest some exercises can help promote weight loss and build muscle. Weight training is the best way to gain weight like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses and barbell rows, as quoted from Timesofindia, Saturday (19/01/2013).

In the meantime, there are other suggestions which if someone is doing heavy movements can trigger the muscles in the body secrete hormones that contribute and build weight gain.

For weight loss program is targeting the large muscle groups, which weight training puts pressure on the muscles and stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers that expand in size.

Another aim is to help increase muscle mass. For upper body muscle mass push up the sport very well, while the squat and bend both knees to the thigh muscles.

If someone is an intense workout, the muscles will be more dense than fat. To get it, there is no harm is supported by adequate protein intake.